Strength in Scope of Development

Is it an actual time process? Is it all screen-based? What reports can be produced? Where does the information come from? What modification is necessary for the information? Is all the information compatible? Would you like to generate standard letters? How plenty of letters? How customisable are the letters? Would you like to store the questions? Would you like to store the answers? Etc. etc. etc.

We will cover several different ways to success.

  • We will be able to answer customer queries regarding statements over the phone.
  • All licensing details will be accessible on-line and we will be able to identify when they are due.
  • Project scope description – a brief description or project summary
  • Project deliverables – a specific list of results produced by the project
  • User acceptance criteria – a list of critical success factors to accept the project deliverables
  • Project boundaries – identifies what deliverables are in an outside of the project’s scope
  • Project constraints – a list of project limitations typically categorized by results, time frames, resources, physical or technical constraints
  • Project assumptions – a list of thoughts that are believed to be true yet need to be confirmed

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